Minutes of the Steering Committee World Organization Gestosis Meeting Tokyo Japan

Date : September 19th,2014 Venue 5F ,Keio Plaza Hotel ,(The Congress Venue )(4.30-6.30 pm)

Members attended

  1. Sanjay Gupte
  2. Alex Vidaeff
  3. Masao Nakabayashi
  4. Arul Kumaran Sabratnam
  5. Alexander Papitashvilli
  6. AsimKuryak
  7. ArisAntsaklis
  8. Sayko
  9. GirijaWagh

 Agenda of the Meeting :

1.Introduction – Prof Alex C.Vidaeff,OGChairmanand Prof Masao Nakabayshi ,Organizing President,OG. Prof Alex Vidaeff ,Chairman of the Steering Committee OG Invited the Secretary General to Dr.SanjayGupte to Chair the meeting and welcomed all themembers to the meeting .He congratulated Prof Nakabayashi for the successful organization of the meeting and invited him to give and Overview . Prof Nakabayashi thanked everyone for attending the meeting.Over 300 members attended the meeting and he was honoured by the presence of Prof Arulkumaran,the FIGO President  as the faculty and also as the advisor. He recommended the name of Prof Sayko as the member of the Steering Committee to represent Japan .

Prof Alex Vidaeff recollected the first meeting in India in 2010 and expressed that we must increase more such meetings in various parts of the world. He also appreciated the India Chapter meeting conducted at Bengaluru and appreciated the academic interactions and the phenomenal attendance by the local members. He expressed the need of more active action in the future for the betterment of the OG.One of such actions could be a publication of a book on HDP with Prof Arulkumaran as the Chief Editor and the members of the SC and others contributing. He thanked DrGupte for instilling new life in the OG organization and felt fortunate to have profArulkumaran as the expert advisor.

2. Minutes of the OG SC at Athens were read out by Prof GirijaWagh : Prof Alex informed the   OG that Luca Brunori has passed away

3.Business arising out of these minutes : The financial strength of the organization is of great concern and Prof Nakabayashi mentioned that he found fund raising difficult . A big company cooperated .Joint meeting with other organisations is the solution he found and therefore associated the meeting with the JSSHP where he shares very good relationships. Prof Antasklissaid the organization is small and therefore forgotten many times. Such joint associations will show case the organization better and attract pharma support. Atleast in the beginning sucha recourse will help till the organization becomes stronger. Combining it with USG and screening and other perinatology organizationssuch as the WAPM will be of benefit.Gestosis can have a session at WAPM meetings.Prof Vidaeff agreed to speak to LobertoRebeiro.The branding of our organization must continue with unfolding of the myriad pathogenesis of hypertensive diseases in pregnancy and the not so acceptable name ‘preeclampsia’ Gestosis seems to be an appropriate name and can replace preeclampsia . ‘Fetoscopy Working Group’ exists and so also we can retain ‘Gestosis’ for historical reasons. Wetherefore have to reinforce this word and retain the name of the OG as such.

4. Comments and Advice ; Chief Advisor Prof Arul kumaran advised to formulate the mission and the vision statement of the OG. CMEs can be conducted through the OG and he said the CMEs have a full potential or reaching to more membership.Also research at  the grass root level needs to be encouraged .Collaboration with other organizations such as the Singapore OG Society, Srilankan Society and regional federations such at the SAFOG CAN BE UNDERTAKEN. Session of the OG has to be there at the FIGO and one has to get affiliated to the FIGO as early as possible OG has to also put its foot intoSAFOG and FOGSI .Younger generations to be encouraged and funded to participate. He suggested to designstand-alone programs with PPH on 1 day and HDP on the next day. The program has to be stimulating and focused. We can also organize a precongress study day .The OG should be able to reach to the grass root levels and this can be achieved by creating clinical registries. Research should be at the basis of the organization .Initiateresearch , disseminate it and implement the program .

5. The OG at Georgia, Tbilisi :ProfPapitashvili: Long-term planning is necessary for the sustenance of the organization as was the tradition in the past .the organization should be listed and registered. The announcement and the links should be put up on the FIGO website. He had challenges organizing the meeting in Tbilisi but expressed his gratitude for accepting his proposal of hosting the meeting in the year 2015. The parliament of Tbilisi ,Georgia has extended support for the scientific committee .He has requested all to suggest the faculty and convey the list of speakers and topics to be presented .He said he will finalize and confirm the dates and extended invitation to all the members of the SC .

6. Planning for further progress of the Organization Gestosis – Dr. Sanjay GupteMembership invitations: the database of the members and the faculty needs to be created. Types of memberships and the basic minimal fees structure should be decided .formation of chapters in various countries be encouraged. Theorganization should be a group of these chapters. The organization .E-journal of the organization needs to be made for better communications and membership reading and publication of research .

7.  Information regarding the HDP course .GirijaWagh–the details of this course which is in affilation of the OG were presented the FOGSI-GESTOSIS Certificate Course in HDP . This was well appreciated by the members and was recommended to conduct in studygroups in the member countries.

8. Thanks giving – Prof. Álex C. Vidaeff, OG Chairman Steering Committee.

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