Minutes of the Steering Committee WOG at Tbilisi, Georgia

The OG meeting was held on November 20, from 14.20 to 15 at the Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel, Faculty room during the proceedings of the 47th World Congress of Pathophysiology of Pregnancy in association with the Ian Donald school of ultrasound.

Following members were present

Sanjay Gupte : Secretary General, OG

Alexander Papitshivilli : President OG ,2015

Alex Vidaeff : Chairman of the Steering Committee

Sir ArulkumaranSabaratnam : Chief Advisor of the OG

ArisAntasklis :Member,Greece

AsimKuryak : Member ,Croatia

Hein Odendaal : Member ,South Africa

Erifgulapiyar : Member ,Turkey

GirijaWagh : Member ,India

The meeting was conducted as per the following preplanned agenda :

Agenda of the Steering Committee Meeting OG, Tbilisi, Georgia

  1. Introduction : Prof Alex Vidaeff, Prof Alexander Papitashvili

Alex Vidaeff welcomed all the members and invited Dr.Gupte to chair the meeting. He also invited the President OG AlexanderPapitashvilli and congratulated him for an unimaginable successful Congress in Tbilisi.He mentioned that we need to re-establish communication with all the past members of the OG and bring them to participate actively in the meetings .The interest shown by Prof Alexander Makasariya from Russia is indeed encouraging and a sign of positivity. It is unfortunate that prof Masao Nakabayashi could not attend the meeting but we must acknowledge his contribution and the fact that he redeveloped ties with the JSHHP.He also thanked Prof Antsaklis for a very high-level meeting at Madrid Spain of perinatology where a session of the OG was showcased. He also thanked Prof AsimKuryak for associating with the OG through the Ian Donald School of ultrasound .Dr Alex requested professor Aris to share his experiences to which he replied that he contacted the FIGO and requested them for session at the FIGO  and it was a very successful meeting attended by 7000 participants. Also a session at the Madrid perinatology meeting was very well attended . We must involve LorellaBattini form Italy and inviteher as the member. Association of the OG with big meeting is very important for the visibility of the organization.

2.The minutes of the meeting were read by DrGirijaWagh and were accepted by all

3.Prof Alexander Papitashvilli was requested to express his experience in organizing the meeting to which he replied that it was very hard. We have challenges in publicizing the congress as all the communication modalities are private in Georgia at this point in time. He will give a detailed report of the members who attended. He had unexpected number of delegates attending the meeting and was therefore fining it difficult to manage. He also mentioned that first time such a meeting has been held in Eastern Europe and he thanked Prof AsimKuryak for his association. He mentioned about 20 countries have been represented at the meeting and he is expecting some more attendance from friends from closer countries such as Ukraine , Russia etc. Alex will be at the closing ceremony

4. Dr Sanjay Gupte invited all to attend the next meeting of OG at Nashik, in the first week of March and mentioned that further progress of the organization needs to be planned

5. Prof ASIM Kuryak assured that the Ian Donald School will continue to associate with the OG but would request for a little advance information .Prof Arul advised to create a strong website, create a membership and communicate through information about the OG. The records of what has happened and all the work that is being done. Also he suggested that the members can contribute article every month which can be circulated to the membership

6.HeinOdendal mentioned that he had a big meeting in the Cape town S Africa and mentioned that he can help create contact with the existing organization there .

7. Dr Gupte mentioned about the HDP Certificate Course which is a huge success in India has been accredited by the OG and is based on the book edited by Prof Arulkumaran. He mentioned the meeting which was planned in Nepal was postponed due to the Nepal Tragedy and will communicate with Bangladesh and Srilanka for the same. He invited all to attend the India Chapter meeting at Nashik and mentioned that DrSuchitraPandit the immediate PP FOGSI is the president of the Chapter. He also said that the NER is doing well and requested other countries to take it up. He requested the SC to guide him about the registration of the Website and the means of doing so giving in the difficult bureaucratic challenges in India. It has to be registered as a global organization and it will have to be defined so. Prof Kuryak suggested that the national branches should be given their own freedom of functioning. Legal rights money funding should be done by a coordinating body. He said he was helped by one Mr Kumar in India for the Ian Donald School. He also mentioned about the Russian Proposal and it was decided to be considered after communications.

8.ProfArulkumaran mentioned that we must write to Prof PETER Von  for association with the HDP course. They have many innovative novel ideas that can be disseminated through such funds. .He also suggested contacting Andy Shanon and Antonio Casteleno for the same. He also suggested holding the OG session at the FIGO and connecting to the Woman’s trial project for the same. March of the Dimes to be contacted for PTB in context with HDP. Shivkumar Menon has helped the Ian Donald School and this can be then taken through such mechanisms. He suggested the preamble to be including the PNM and long-term morbidity as important point of highlight

9.Girija said the membership can be created through the database of people who attended in the past 

Action points

  1. Website /vision and mission statement
  2. Membership database; members and faculty, Steering Committee members
  3. Registrations
  4. Letters to Russia, Hein Ondendall, Aris for report, japan for report.
  5. Plan of articles for all to read
  6. Communication with Peter Von

Work done by me :

Communicated with Dr Jaydeep Tank : He has suggested to register the WOG as Association of People with the Registrar and that way it will be easy. Eventually one can convert it into an organization and then look for the 80g certificate.

Website : have contacted the agency by since Sir you have asked to halt haven’t gone ahead

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