PREVENTION STRATEGIES FOR GESTOSIS HDP (HYPERTENSIVE DISORDERS OF PREGNANCY) Introduction: Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are on the rise and prevention and risk assessment could be the first step in reducing the devastating morbidity associated. This has become important as not only is the woman liable to morbidity now she isRead More →

Severe preclampsia is the commonest medical disorder of pregnancy that we encounter in our tertiary care center with an incidence of 21 % seen over the past 5 years. We define severe preclampsia as proteinuric hypertension after 20  weeks of gestation associated with BP  ≥150 mmHg systolic and/or ≥100 mmHgRead More →

Preterm delivery considerably contributes to adverse perinatal outcomes and effective measures for prediction, prevention and amelioration are still desired. Much of this adverse outcome can be reduced by effective diagnosis and management of threatened preterm labour. Appropriate treatment protocol in the management of threatened preterm labour can help in improvingRead More →