Founded 1969 in Basel Switzerland
Members: 4500
Regional Secretariats 3

Introduction: “Organization Gestosis – Society for the Study of Pathophysiology of Pregnancy” was renamed
such in its newly formed constitution at Indonesia Steering Committee meeting (May 2012).
The Society stands tall on the strong foundation of the Organisation Gestosis formed in 1969 in Basel,
Switzerland. After preparatory work starting in 1966 the founding of the Organization Gestosis took place in
1969 in Basel / Switzerland during the International Congress on ÅÑÇ -Gestosis. Ever since inception, annual
meetings have been organized for Organization Gestosis in various countries across the globe.
Prof Ernst Rippmann has been the founder of the Society and throughout his lifetime pursued the cause of
hypertension in pregnancy. The organization has an illustrious history of over 45 years and a recognition as an
academic body aimed at dissemination of knowledge, research and affiliation of societies throughout the world
for betterment of maternal health especially in the context of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.
Prof Ernst Rippmann steered the organization for many years until his sad demise in 2009. After Prof Rippmann;
Prince Avtandil Chkheidze has been a patron for the organization but due to his ill health he has not been able
to attend the meeting since 2007. Both the prince & Prof Rippmann had desired that the responsibility of
running the organization be shouldered by Prof. Gupte and therefore the meeting in India was held in August
Prince Cheketzie maintained the communications and the website especially after the demise of Prof Rippman
till finally the baton was passed on to Prof Gupte and the new team.
Now Prof Gupte & the chairman of the steering committee Prof Alex Vidaeff are the backbone of the
Organization Gestosis